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Thousands of people jailbreak their iPads every day. Some people are unhappy with the restrictiveness of the iPad operating system. Other people simply want to unlock cool new apps or use FaceTime over 3G networks. There are hundreds of different reasons to jailbreak an iPad. Thanks to the power of modern technology, jailbreaking an iPad has never been easier. In fact, if you're ready to jailbreak your iPad, you don't even have to leave your computer chair. Just plug your iPad into your computer, download our easy-to-use iPad jailbreak program, then let the program do all the hard work for you. It's that easy.

Why should I jailbreak my iPad?

Thinking about jailbreaking your iPad? Here are some of the most popular advantages of jailbreaking or unlocking your iPad:

Access the Cydia store

On a standard iPad, users can only download apps that have been approved by Apple. In order to be featured in Apple's app store, apps must meet some strict requirements. If any one of these requirements isn't met, the app is immediately removed. That means there are plenty of good, useful iPad apps available that many users will never get to experience.

The number one place to look for jailbroken iPad apps is the Cydia store. Cydia is a third-party market where iPad users can download cool new apps. Some apps will allow you to completely change the appearance and color pattern of your iPad, for example, while others will emulate N64 games. In many cases, Apple rejects apps from its app store because they compete with Apple products. By jailbreaking your iPad, you can get around Apple's restrictive app store requirements and start using your iPad to its full potential.

The Cydia store is home to all sorts of fun and cool apps, and it truly has to be seen to be believed. If you're sick of downloading apps from the official app store and you're looking for something more interesting, then the Cydia store is there to help.

Better settings menu

Sometimes, Apple's iPad operating system feels easy and intuitive. However, in other cases, it can be difficult to find the settings you need. Simple things like toggling Wi-Fi on or off shouldn't be difficult to find, but they are.

After jailbreaking your iPad, you can customize your entire iPad menu system. You can choose how your settings menu looks, for example, and you can toggle exactly which widgets and settings options appear on your iPad desktop.

In fact, there's even a Cydia store app that will instantly toggle settings with just a tap of the button. You simply download the app, choose the setting you want to alter, then place a shortcut to that setting on your desktop. Anytime you want to change that setting, just tap the button on your desktop. It's that easy.

Use 3G for everything

If you have a 3G iPad, then you were probably disappointed to discover that you're not able to use many popular apps over a 3G connection. You can't stream HD video for example, nor can you use FaceTime. This restriction is designed to limit the amount of data used by your iPad, but if you're not worried about 3G data charges - or if you have an unlimited plan - then there's no reason to have this restriction. After jailbreaking your iPad, you can safely use 3G for anything.

Enhanced themes and customization options

For whatever reason, Apple wants everybody's iPad desktop to look pretty much the same. Sure, you can change the wallpaper around and customize the dock tray, but aside from those minor changes, your iPad is going to look the same as everybody else's iPad. An iPad jailbreak allows you to customize your iPad with unique themes, wallpapers, and icons.

You can change the 'Facebook' icon to a picture of your friends, for example. Or, you can download a theme that stacks all of your icons in a special bookshelf. If you want to make your iPad look unique, then jailbreaking the iPad is a great place to start.

Free tethering

Cell phone companies like AT&T charge an exorbitant amount for tethering. If you don't feel like paying an extra $20 or $30 per month to tether your iPad, then an iPad jailbreak can help remove the tethering restrictions in iOS. Tethering your iPad allows you to share your network connection through USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. There are several different Cydia store apps that make tethering as easy as possible - even if you have limited technical experience.

Use your iPad to its full potential

iPads are surprisingly powerful devices. However, if you don't jailbreak your iPad, you're missing out on a wide range of benefits. An iPad jailbreak can help push your iPad's performance to the next level. Whether you're downloading cool new apps from the Cydia store or you're connecting with friends over 3G with FaceTime, jailbreak iPad programs can maximize the potential of your device. You paid several hundred dollars for your iPad. Make the most of it by ordering your iPad jailbreak.

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